PCC CP Kosmet among 5%
of the best-evaluated companies
in the world!

We are proud of our Company’s high ranking concerning corporate social responsibility awarded by an international platform EcoVadis that granted us a highly prestige gold CSR level. When so many corporations operate on a broad scale, the development and raw material use is growing, operation with respect for the environment and good social practices is more and more important.

The EcoVadis ranking is made by a team of over 300 analysts representing 40 different nationalities. The gold CSR level is granted in recognition for pro-environmental development and achievements in areas concerning environment, employment, fair business practices and supplier chain. In the chemical business, operation in accordance with CSR idea is a very important and difficult challenge. It should be remembered that it is not possible that chemical products could be free from detergents that have an impact on the environment, therefore it is so important to balance their influence. We dare to say that PCC CP Kosmet is a good example for others and proves that pro-environmental operations in such a difficult business is possible. Our Flo brand is an effect of the philosophy based on a care for the natural environment. The brand covers products for washing and cleaning containing natural oils and fruit and flower extracts featuring high performance and use effectiveness as well as a beautiful, natural smell. Our product formulas have been based on easily biodegradable but effective surfactants. They are free from phosphates and parabens. In their production new, pro-environmental technologies have been used enabling reduction in energy consumption and an increase in economic effectiveness (system ISO 50001) and pollution prevention (system ISO 14001). The golden level granted by EcoVadis expert is a reward and motivation to further work and continuation of over 20 years of experience in development and production of the highest quality cosmetics and household chemicals.