5 rules to keep your
home clean and tidy

If you can honestly admit any time that you are ready to welcome unexpected guests, stop reading this text now. If not, we strongly encourage you to continue. How to keep your home clean and tidy:

1. Proper products and accessories It’s important to keep a range of effective cleaning products such as Flo removing any dirt and leaving nice and natural smell. The product quality will make your chores less daunting and will create positive associations. It’s important to use clean cloths and mops!

2. Good planning Do not leave all the cleaning tasks for one day. It’s more sensible to do several small chores everyday (e.g. Monday – dust the furniture, Tuesday – clean the bath) making it possible to keep your home clean all the day with only a little effort. One task, one day. It’s not too much but that’s enough. Find your routine and you will see – it’s not difficult.

3. Teach your family or flatmates to put their things back. It’s easier to keep your home clean and tidy if everybody is involved. Kids should know that when their playtime is over, they should put their toys back in a box. Teach your kids to make their beds first time they get up. Don’t forget to follow the rule yourself, after a couple of days it will be your routine.

4. Act instantly It’s easier to remove any dirt at once. Clean the plate right after cooking and wash your dishes right away instead of leaving them for a few hours. And the same goes for ironing. It’s easier to iron small loads, do not wait until  clothes pile up.

5. Set a timer Set a timer for, e.g. 15 minutes. You will tackle your chores faster if you know there is a deadline. As a result, you will spend a quarter instead of wasting an hour.