Flo brand products received
commendation from Laur Konsumenta –
Odkrycie roku 2018!

Laur Konsumenta (Consumer Laurels) is a national consumer project the purpose of which is to identify the products and brands that are most popular in their respective categories. The result provides also the answer to the question which is the most innovative and worth recommending brand from the consumer’s perspective.

Flo is an umbrella brand which gathers together the products belonging to the washing and cleaning categories and makes it a pleasure to keep the house clean. The offer includes, among others, dishwashing liquids and balms, all-purpose cleaning liquids for floors, washing liquids and gels, fabric conditioners and their concentrates, and also stain removers. These products distinguish themselves by their effectiveness as well as aromatic scent obtained with the use of natural floral and fruity oils and extracts. Moreover, the elegant design of the packaging ensures a positive experience and innovation in comparison with the majority of products used so far. Consumers’ appreciation of these characteristics was demonstrated by their votes, which ensured for us the commendation from Laur Konsumenta – Odkrycie Roku 2018 (Discovery of the Year 2018). This category has been created specifically for new products/brands which have been on the market for a relatively short time, but are already winning customers’ hearts. The nomination for the prestigious title depends on a high interest in novelties on the market or products whose popularity has increased significantly. Such award is granted to only few companies or manufacturers. The decision on granting it is taken by the Editorial Verification Committee, appointed for the purpose, which in its decision-making process focuses mainly on the innovative nature of the product, service or brand, its market perception and growth dynamics. Before that each category is assessed on the basis of consumers’ votes, the minimum number of which is 1,000. Seeing the product recognised by granting it such a prestigious award a consumer will choose it willingly, having more confidence in its quality. This assessment shows the potential for brand impact and it also provides for PCC CP Kosmet extremely promising feedback from the market, motivating for further work and development.